I love to see talented people doing their thing...

If you're the same way, watch these videos of Diego Stocco doing his thing. Amazing!





Incomplete Manifesto

One of my favorite things ever... The Incomplete Manifesto by Bruce Mau. I am going to put this on my wall... I may need a bigger wall.

When to tell your Story.

The Scientists at Target know how you work... Yep, that's right, the scientists at Target know about how your brain works. I recently found this great (and a little scary) article from the New York Times about how the scientists at Target understand that there are times in our lives where it's worth their time and money to advertise to us... They also understand that most of the time, it's not worth their time and money to send us advertising as we're running on auto-pilot. They call it "chunking" and we all do it. So, not only do we need to know who, what and where to tell your story, but we need to know when to tell it so that the people we're telling it to will actually listen. Here's the link. Chunk on!

Greatest Movie Ever Sold

This is a good video to watch if you're out there thinking about your branding. Morgan Spurlock is here at TED speaking about his movie, "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold". This is a good video from TED, and I recommend the full movie if you are really interested in how brand placement works in your movies. Informative, and a good one for your hat to think about branding and association.

Birth of a Tool

The Birth of a Tool

Hello and welcome to the first entry of "The Soggy Bottom Blog". I'm looking forward to sharing good things here. The first, is called "The Birth of a Tool". I have dreams of being a blacksmith someday, this video adds to that. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.