Making you shine...

Good design doesn't just happen. It's the result of a process. Think of making moonshine. There are many steps involved before you get to something that you can drink. (IF you're into that sort of thing) You need to begin with an understanding of the end result that you desire AND a solid understanding of the necessary steps to get to that powerful desired result. Making you shine!

1) Consideration

Before asking “could we”, we ask “should we?” Of course we could, but should we? What does this accomplish for us, our clients and the world? Is it a good expenditure of time, energy and resources? Does it hurt anyone? Who wins, who loses? We stand behind our work and our clients, so there must be some overlap of our interests if we are to leverage ourselves fully to our work together. Most of our clients wind up being friends, so we try very hard to work with people and businesses that we like. It also helps the results. For a little more understanding of what we're talking about here, check out "The Road to Graphic Design Hell".

2) Acceptance

“I’m going to do it.” You decide and fully accept the fact that you are indeed going to bring this project to success and you commit fully to the endeavor without second guessing this point later in the process, you’re either in or you're out.

3) Definition

If our work together is to be truly successful we have to be very specific. Assumptions are very dangerous. So, we begin with gaining a thorough understanding... We ask you some really important questions in our client survey. Once we have your answers, we are able to produce the 'Communication Brief'. It's where we literally get everyone on the same page. We tell you our understandings to make sure that we've heard you correctly and you check our understanding. Once you agree that we 'get' you and your project and we all agree on our definition of success, we can begin our journey together toward it!

4) Research

Go and see for yourself and gain a thorough understanding. 

With the Communication Brief in hand, we begin a 'mood board'... A picture is worth a thousand words, well, how about ten pictures? Creating or updating a brand takes a large amount of things into consideration and begins to very quickly condense them into something much more specific. So the more precise we can be about the 'things' that we are condensing, the closer we'll be with the condensed product... In creating a mood board, we, (including you if you'd like to participate) go 'shopping' in the media-rich world in which we all live and look for other brands, photos, colors, textures, fonts and stories that convey in some way the personality of the brand that we are creating... Your mood board is a great way to sum up the personality of your brand and it provides a firm foundation for a successful logo. Most clients tell us this is their favorite part! 

5) Exploration / Ideas

This is where we dream… Ideation. This is what designers do – we have ideas! At this point in the process, there are NO bad ideas! Everything we have is thrown out and up onto our board. Sometimes getting out the 'bad-ideas' is the only way to get to the good ones... Judgement is the next step. Necessarily separate from this, our safe-nest of creativity. Unbridled creativity, goofiness, and dreaming. Bad ideas are often the spark for really good ones.

6) Analysis / Judgment

Get serious. Embrace your constraints, be fierce and all that judgement we somehow held off during our last step is unflinchingly released. Everything is criticized. Only the best is left. At the end of this step in the process, you get to see something and you then get to judge. 

7) Make it

It’s go time! This is the building of it all. We have alignment and approvals in hand and here is where the rubber meets the road. Get ready, here comes what you've been waiting for. The final product.

8) Reflect and revise

First our beta-launch. We launch to internal audiences and everyone has a chance to review and look it over. Poke it, hold it, have it. We all look at it and the excitement builds as we get ready to share it with the world. Here we are, success!