Soggy Bottom Media

"We're adventurers, sir..."

I'm a pretty big Coen Brothers fan. Their film "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" is the inspiration for "Soggy Bottom"... In the film, based loosely on Homer's "The Odyssey" set in the depression-era American South, the "Soggy Bottom Boys" answer the question from John Goodman (The Cyclops), "What do you do? You and your, uh, tongue-tied friend?" with an answer that really sums up how I feel about my business... "We're adventurers, sir, currently pursuing a certain opportunity, but we're open to others as well." 

This business is like no other. I get to learn for a living! By far my favorite thing about doing this kind of work is that the better my understanding of you, your business, and your customers, the more successful our work together will be. And that is my whole purpose, to make you more successful! I consider that adventure! 

I'm looking for great working relationships not just contracts.  I take the time and effort up front to thoroughly understand your company in order to tell your story as effectively as possible to the people you need to tell it to. I stand by my work and I also stand by my clients. 

I'm affordable, especially for the time and consideration that I put into my work, but, I'm not the cheapest thing out there either. I'd like to think that I'm one of the most valuable options out there and my clients agree. I'm not for everyone and I'm glad for that. I desire to do high-quality, successful work. Successful work requires a great amount of time, consideration and passion and I wouldn't have it any other way. 




Matthew Vincent Thomas

Official out of the box thinker and dreamer. In charge of metaphors and allegory. He can do anything and quite frequently does, from running an exclusive architectural detailing firm to driving the family tractor. He sees beauty in everything and always seeks a deeper understanding and the best way to share it.